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GuangFu Building Materials Group was founded in 1994, it is one of the biggest producers of ultrafine powder in China. Our main products consist of ultrafine calcium carbonate, external and internal wall filler, ultrafine talc, ultrafine dolomite, potash feldspar, ultrafine calcined kaolin, ultrafine barium sulfate, ultrafine calcium silicate, silica powder and other related chemical products.

   To-date we have invested 25 million US Dollars in fixed assets, capable of producing an annual capacity of 400 thousand tons of ultrafine chemicals. Our products are widely used in paint and coating industry, plastic, rubber, printing ink, fabric, adhesive glue, animal feed and as filler and boding pigments.

   Our group operations and production facilities are spread across the whole of China. In the east, west, south, north, central has factories and offices. We have over 500 staff, 40 of them are Engineers and Technicians, and 50 of them are Product Quality Controllers. The company were certified by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, awarded the “GuangDong Province New High Technology Enterprise” Certification and “GuangDong Province Metrology Accredidation”, honored “GuangDong Province Branded Product” and “GuangDong Famous Trademark” certification. Our products have passed through stringent quality examinations and they are friendly to the environment.

Our products besides, dominating the paint and coating plastic and rubber industries throughout the whole of China, dominate southeast Asia as well. We are regarded as a dominant force in the ultrafine powder Industries. Our vision is to remain a leader in our local market and strive to expand to other oversea markets.

With our continuous R & D efforts and services, we sincerely hope to establish our friendly business relationship with you and we are committed to provide you with our excellent quality products and services to meet your requirements.